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Some recent photos

Here is a very large photo from Rome!


It's possible to insert thumbnails. To view the larger version of the photo, people can click on it.

sdaams_bowie.jpg koala.jpg

Or a medium sized photo like this one.


Or with some of the designs, even large photos like this will display well. If you plan to insert large images, try using the "Travellerspoint Default" template or "Watercolour".

Posted by Peter 03:38

Vimeo video in Blogs

Just a quick note to show that Vimeo videos can now also be inserted into Travellerspoint blogs, in addition to Youtube/Fliqz/Flickr/iFilm & Travelistic.

Posted by Sam I Am 12:21

Videos in Blog Entries

How videos display when included in a blog entry.

This is an example of a video that was uploaded to Travellerspoint being embedded in a blog entry:

And now an example from YouTube:

Embedding videos in your blog entries is quick, simple and safe. And pretty cool of course! :)

Posted by Sam I Am 17:48

Maps in Blog Entries

How maps display when included in a blog entry.

This is an example of how a map looks when inserted in a blog. This has been zoomed in a bit from the default world view, as the trip mainly takes place in Costa Rica. If you want to give a general overview showing beginning and end points, you could simply leave the map showing at world view. Likewise, if you'd like to zoom in even closer, this is also possible. You choose!

There is a blog post outlining in detail how to include maps in blog entries in the Travellerspoint blog.

Posted by Sam I Am 17:40

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Posted by Peter 20:30

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